A COVID-proof return to classes

Photo illustrating the news item

EIT InnoEnergy expects a start of the programmes that resembles pre-COVID times thanks to the ambitious vaccination plans being rolled out across Europe. Why do we believe this?

1. The European Commission has secured agreements with vaccine developers that include 2.6 billion doses. Many of those are expected to be given by summer 2021. So, a large portion of the population will have developed immunity against the virus.

2. In 2020, we supported more than 300 students spread across Europe. We even helped many of them land 100% online internships and jobs.

3. Our programmes and universities have adjusted over the last 12 months and are ready to welcome new students following national and regional health measures.

How will we support you?

Still concerned? Don’t worry. We have set in place the following mechanisms to ensure that the start of your studies next summer is COVID-proof:

COVID tests available for students who travel in-out of our study destinations for their programme.

• On-ground support by EIT InnoEnergy staff, students and other members of our network who can help you navigate local restrictions and COVID-related challenges in your new country.

• Financial and operational support obtaining COVID-related permits to travel across Europe to complete programme activities.

• 100% refundable participation fee in case you are not able to reach your first year university.

• Hybrid learning classrooms available at several of our partner universities in case online learning is required during their first semestre.

Will you join Europe’s largest network of sustainable energy champions this summer? We look forward to welcoming you!

26 Feb 2021