EIT InnoEnergy offers scholarships and fee waivers by selecting the top applicants based on a combination of academic skills (such as past performance, quality of previous education and university), professional background and affinity with innovation and entrepreneurship. 

For intake 2022, the following scholarships/fee waivers are available:

Energy Impact Scholarships:

Energy Impact Scholarships are granted to the best candidates of each programme based on the availability of waivers available. The announcement of awardees is done during the admission process (as part of the acceptance letter)

Full fee waiver (worth € 18.000 per year): awarded candidates pay no participation fee.

There is a total of 21 full fee waiver Energy Impact Scholarships available for intake 2022.

Each programme allocates three full fee waivers amongst applicants of all rounds. Candidates are selected based on the admission ranking.

Partial fee waiver (worth € 6.000 per year): awarded candidates pay € 12.000 participation fee per year.

All candidates are equally considered for this waiver as part of the admission process.

No additional action is needed for applicants to be considered for this partial waiver. The number of partial waivers vary per programme.

European partial fee waiver (worth € 12.000 per year): awarded candidates pay € 6.000 participation fee per year.

This partial waiver is reserved for students holding a Bachelor's or Master's degree from an EIT InnoEnergy Master School partner university or another top European University.

No additional action is needed for applicants to be considered for this partial waiver.

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships:

EIT InnoEnergy advocates for an inclusive, equitable, diverse and accepting community.

For intake 2022, we will grant nine full-fee waivers (worth € 18.000 per year) to candidates with outstanding profiles that contribute to the power of our student body and who meet one or more of the following criteria:

Candidates who enrich the gender diversity of our programmes.

Candidates from EIT RIS (regional innovation scheme) countries.

Candidates with proven entrepreneurial experience (i.e., having set up their own venture)

Candidates interested in these scholarships need to complete an additional 500-word motivation essay as part of the application explaining why they deserve the award. These scholarships are not linked to any specific Master's programme.

The awardees will be announced on 15 April 2022. Only candidates who have been accepted in Rounds 1, 2 or 3 and who have paid the registration fee will be considered.

Regional Cooperation Scholarships: COLFUTURO & HONDUFUTURO.

Partial waiver (worth € 5.000 per year): awarded candidates pay € 13.000 participation fee per year.

EIT InnoEnergy teamed up with local funding bodies in Colombia (COLFUTURO) and Honduras (HONDUFUTURO) to support the ambition of prospective students.

All students accepted to join an EIT InnoEnergy programme starting in 2022 and who also receive funding through COLFUTURO or HONDUFUTURO automatically benefit from a € 5.000 partial waiver per year.*

These waivers are granted after the announcement of financing recipients by COLFUTURO & HONDUFUTURO.

*This special partial fee waiver is only valid if the student has not been granted any other partial or full fee waiver. It is not possible to combine waivers. 

For more information about the scholarship application process, please visit our website.