Application Rounds

EIT InnoEnergy offers various application rounds for students interested in applying to any of our programmes. The programmes and institutions available per round vary based on availability of seats and each university's specific admission timelines. The following application rounds are available for Intake 2024: 

  • Round 1: 11 September 2023 - 08 November 2023.
  • Round 2: 13 November 2023 - 21 January 2024.
  • Round 3: 29 January 2024 - 10 March 2024.
  • Round 4: 18 March 2024 - 28 April 2024.
  • Round 5: 02 May 2024 - 09 June 2024.

Not all programmes and institutions are available in all rounds. Visit our website    for more infromation. 

Students who complete their application profile (including all required documents) are able to submit an application. If you are unable to complete your application profile before a specific application deadline, you will be able to submit your application in the following round. You will need to clone your original application and choose the following Round for submission. 

Would you like to ace your application? Check out the Do's and Don'ts when applying to EIT InnoEnergy Master School.